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50 Hours of Talk Time

1,000 Hours Stand By Time

Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

100% Noise Cancellation

Hi-Fi Performance Speaker

Flexible Headband


Since we started making Bluetooth headsets, professional drivers have been contacting us, letting us know exactly what they want in a wireless device. Additional comfort, longer battery life, flexibility: these suggestions and more came pouring in.

Enter the Blue Tiger Dual Elite headset.

Hi-fidelity audio combined with up to 50 hours of use per charge and a flexible ultra-comfortable headband make the Dual Elite a top choice for anyone looking for the highest quality communications and multimedia device.


David A.

David Ault

Great product. Timely delivery Good people

Dennis T.

Excellent noise canceling and for

Excellent noise canceling and for people who are hard of hearing, it's a blessing!!

Derry P.

My neck is not strained

i love my headset. I have problems with my neck and it is helping not to strain my neck. My friends say they get great reception and they hear me loud and clear!

Ulasa H.

Loyal Customer

I just purchased the Dual Elite unit on 5/14/15. I have not had the chance to use the unit but I bought it on the solid fact that I've owned a BT Headset since 2011 and would still own that original unit had I not gotten pissed off at my wife and threw the unit in the truck angrily. Four whole years later that unit was working and holding a charge as well as it ever did! I will come back and post a "real" review once I've used the unit for a couple of weeks. Don't think on it, Blue Tiger has the best truck driver headset on the market.

Randall P.

Dual Elite Headset Review

There are many things i like and 2 that i don't. Let's talk about the 2 I don't. The mic needs to be an inch longer. Whenever i talk on it person on the other end cannot hear me unless the mic is on my mouth. Is it possible i have a defective one? Next, I hate the super loud beep to tell you the headset is connected. Very annoying. As for the quality of sound, I love it.

Beth D.

Dark Pink Elite

Great love it

Jerald B.

Awesome Blue Tiger Duel Elite.

Title says it all. In one word,Awesome! Headphone quality sound for sure! Now this is what was called Headphones from back as early as I can remember back in the 70's should be! Headphones that is actualy a headphone! Lol. Wireless and works great with phone! Ultimate quality sound for music and good and loud for playing some hard to hear Youtube video's inside loud Big Truck.(Tractor Trailer)

Steven B.

Dual Elite Headset Rules !!

The comfort and quality of sound is so excellent, it's like standing next to your caller.

James S.

Dual Elite Headset

I have used many phone devices over the years and this is by far the best I have ever used and the customer service is outstanding. The sales and service people were very kind and most helpful. Thanks Much James Strickland

Chris G.

Amazing Customer service

It is the best headset ever. There customer service is the best and very personal and friendly. For me it's like calling one of my friends. Thank You Blue Tiger.
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