Drive Series Headsets – The Blue Tiger Promise

Products Included:
– The Elite
– Dual Elite
– Pro
– Pro Combat Edition
– Deluxe

Blue Tiger Drive Series Headsets are covered not only by our One Year Blue Tiger Promise but also by our Lifetime Blue Tiger Promise, With or without a receipt, and no matter how long you have had your headset or what might be wrong with it, we are ready to assist you in getting back up and running. The terms of these policies are detailed below.

 One Year Blue Tiger Promise

– Proof of Purchase/Registration
– No Signs of Physical Damage
– Product Must Have Been Purchased Less than One Year Ago

To process a One Year Blue Tiger Promise Claim, the above criteria must be met and verified by our claims department.

Once verified, you may choose between the following two options:

Option 1 – Expedited Claim Processing

Due to the nature of many of our customers’ occupation requiring them by law to use a headset, we offer an expedited claims process.

Upon receiving your One Year Blue Tiger Promise Claim and processing fee, Blue Tiger will immediately ship a replacement unit to you along with a return shipping label.

– Processing Fee: Either $29.99 or $34.99 depending on the model (Includes Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label)

With the Expedited claim process, customers will generally have a replacement headset within 3-4 days of beginning the process. 

Option 2 – Standard Claim Processing

Standard claim processing works similarly to most other electronics manufacturers. After receiving your claim request, you will need to send your product to the Blue Tiger Fulfillment Center.  An RMA number will be given to you to include with a copy of your receipt or registration confirmation to be sent along with the defective product.

Upon receiving your defective unit, your replacement product will be queued to be shipped to you at no additional charge.

Standard warranty processing may take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Lifetime Blue Tiger Promise


It’s our “No Ask, Hassle Free Insurance Policy.” As long as you own a Blue Tiger Drive Series Headset we will insure it for life!

Claim Procedures:

– You own a Genuine Blue Tiger Drive Series Headset
– Pay Your Deductible
– We Ship You a Brand New Headset!
– You ship us back the old one

Unlike an insurance carrier we do not charge you premiums. Lifetime Replacement claims have no limitations on product damage, proof of purchase, registration, or date of purchase. All claims are handled on an expedited basis, meaning your replacement product will be shipped to you with in 24 hours of your claim being processed.

Deductible Information:

$39.99: Deluxe and Pro Headsets + S&H $10.00

$59.99: Elite Headsets + S&H $10.00

$64.99: Dual Elite Headset + S&H $10.00

*After the claim is processed, your replacement headset will be shipped right away, using USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day to US addresses). Upon receiving your replacement unit, we ask you return your broken unit to the Blue Tiger Fulfillment Center. The original product functions as your proof of eligibility for a Lifetime Replacement. Blue Tiger does not refurbish headsets and does not send out used equipment, either for sale or exchange.

File your claim through our website below, or call customer service at 1-800-935-1165 between the hours of 9AM-5PM CST Monday through Friday.

Blue Tiger Warranty Claim