The Hook™

The Hook™


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Hang Any Headset, Anywhere

Grab & Go – Move Your Hook Wherever You Need It

Bendable FlexBand™ Material Allows You the Perfect Fit

The Hook™ was invented by professional truck driver Eric Garry. A few years ago while living in Las Vegas, Eric purchased a Dual Elite headset from our website. He wanted to improve communication with his wife and children while on the road.

Often, Eric noticed it wasn’t convenient for him to reach his Blue Tiger headset in the truck cabin. It seemed to be tossed around in a different place every time he needed it! So what did he do? Eric created a simple, light, and handy device to hang his headset on.

After some trial and error, The Hook™ was born.

When Eric approached us with his idea in January 2015, we felt that many headset users were running into the same frustrating issues he had experienced. We decided to help him bring his invention to all drivers, and converted it into a simple and useful product. Do you share Eric’s need for a more convenient way to store your headset while off-duty? Can you easily grab your headset when needed? Solve your storage problems with The Hook™ today!

Voted Best Electronics Headset for Truckers at TA and Petro locations by Overdrive magazine drivers.


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