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Communication Tools Connect Truck Drivers for Success

  The average over-the-road driver covers more than 100,000 miles per year, and the challenge for fleet managers is to communicate with the drivers who are on the move day after day. For drivers, the solitary and decentralized work means freedom, but it also makes it difficulty when trying to stay engaged with managers, colleagues, […]

Check Presentation to the St. Christopher Trucking Development & Relief Fund at GATS 2016 from Blue Tiger USA and TA/Petro

Strength in People: Why We Partnered with the St. Christopher’s Truckers Development & Relief Fund (SCF)

Truck drivers’ bodies can take a beating. Long days and nights on the road make proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise difficult. The result is over 70% of the 3.5 million professional U.S. truck drivers have a health problem like obesity, diabetes, a sleep disorder or cardiovascular disease. To make matters worse, access to great medical […]