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double-quotesI have been impressed every time I have talked to anybody at Blue Tiger. …the best product in the world, is made even better with good customer service. You guys are doing that!

double-quotesI’ve always been one to swear by Blue Parrott, but once I tried this Blue Tiger — I mean, it’s better than anything I’ve ever had.

double-quotesThis is the best. Out of all the ones I have tried, this is the best one. It is heavy duty, and it’s exactly what truck drivers need. We need something loud and we need something heavy duty. Nothing comes close to it just to let you know!

double-quotesMy dad loves his Blue Tiger headset. He was really stuck on Blue Parrot headsets, but the quality of the headphones in those headsets sound scratchy and muffled and aren’t loud enough anymore. He said that the Blue Tiger is almost too loud! I guess when he gets even more deaf from driving his coal truck, he will still be able to hear it. Another thing that really was nice was the quality of the device and the packaging. I guess it is true that you get what you pay for.
– R. Horstman

double-quotesI tried everything I seen on the videos with my windows rolled down going 70mph, standing next to my engine revving up, and the other person could not hear anything but my voice and was told I sounded like I was in a library or some quiet room. On top of that the incoming audio is fantastic and very natural. These are also extremely comfortable once adjusted right. I will be a lifetime customer. BTW customer service and response is also incredible like their products. Buy this and you will have no regrets. Best noise cancelling Bluetooth headset, call quality, design and comfort on the market hands down!!
– Hector H.

This Bluetooth headset is unbelievable. I wear hearing aids and now I don’t have to pull hearing aid out to use a Bluetooth. I cannot believe the clarity when talking on the phone or when listening to music. I feel is the best headset out there today.
– Gary E.

double-quotesPerfect trucker headset. I’ve purchased two other headsets that broke on me because they weren’t made strong enough. This one is, and the audio’s perfectly clear. I recommend!
– Sil Mata

double-quotesI loved this. I mean I had a Blue Parrott for two years, and since I bought this one I’m a fan. I’m a fan! I’m a big fan. Everything is so much better about it — it’s more comfortable.. it’s great.

double-quotesThis is the 4th one I have bought. I have given two away (Boss & GF) and sold one to a fellow driver! You can listen to your music, and then with a touch of a button make and receive phone calls. Sound quality is outstanding. Call clarity is amazing. Even with the window partially opened at 60mph it is hard for the people on the other end to tell it’s open. Blue Tiger has a lifetime warranty on this item. It is truly a no hassle claim.
– Rich M.

double-quotesI drive big rigs… this headset is great. Noise cancellation is fantastic – rolled my window down at 65mph in Chicago traffic and they said that I was crystal clear. Walked around truck with engine revved up, once again crystal clear. I love it.. headset is very comfortable and all plastic is wrapped in leather. Looks very classy. Speaker quality is wonderful and music from phone library played through headset is very good…
– Trucker Tom

double-quotesI can tell you this the new blue tiger elite is a very good headset. It sounds good and clear, people do not know when I am driving a truck. If you need an excellent headset for noisy environment’s this is a very good bluetooth. Plus this company does take care of their customers. This is the best bluetooth on the market. If I could give this headset 10 stars I would, believe me I would recommend this headset to anyone wanting the best, thanks blue tiger for a super product, no wonder you can offer a lifetime warranty. Loving my elite.
– Michael B.

double-quotesThere is only one headset for truck drivers. I’ll bet I have spent over $500.00 on the competitors so called headsets, and HELLO, the ONLY Headset you will need to buy, hands down, this headset made by Blue Tiger is the BEST! Don’t be like me and WASTE your hard earned money on crap, that you think is a good buy, Blue Tiger is the GRAND DADDY of all headsets! Thank you Blue Tiger!!
– Kevin A.